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Ferrari Dino Porcelain Enamel Bonnet Sign


Ferrari Dino Porcelain Enamel Bonnet Sign

$ 425.00

We have artistically created an enamel sign patterned after the hood/bonnet of a Ferrari 246 Dino.  It portrays the the shape and silhouette along with the air cooling cutouts that exist on the actual car.  The "DINO" emblem script is repesented in the same style and colors as the emblem badge found  positioned on the hood of the car.

This is a very high quality porcelain on steel(vitreous enamel) sign using 11 guage steel (1/8" thick, 3mm). It is a new sign made with the same techniques of the lost art of oven fired enamel sign making. Using modern day materials it is a superior product. Note the fine edge detail of each color, no bleed. This sign is also convex in shape, just as the originals.

Size  16" x 27.5" ( 400x700 cm)

Weight   5 lbs


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