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Alfa Romeo Emblem Enamel Thermometer Porcelain Sign


Alfa Romeo Emblem Enamel Thermometer Porcelain Sign

$ 145.00

Back in the day of no cell phones, people relied in classic glass encasing mercury thermometers to know the air temperature.  Many automotive companies combined brand signage with a thermometer to create a dual pupose wall hanging that was displayed in service centers worldwide.

This is a very high quality porcelain on steel(vitreous enamel) sign using 11 guage steel (1/8" thick, 3mm). It is a new sign made with the same techniques of the lost art of oven fired enamel sign making. Using modern day materials it is a superior product. Note the fine edge detail of each color, no bleed. This sign is also convex in shape, just as the originals.


  • Each enamel plaque is hand crafted and carries its own character and signature.

  • Dual temperature scale in both Celcius and Farenheit

  • Each color is applied and baked separatly before the next color, resulting in an embossed detail

Size  5" x 17" ( 12x43 cm)

Weight   1.5 lbs


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